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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Although the Fukuda Stepping Test (FST) is commonly used to assess individuals with peripheral vestibular dysfunction or balance instability, test-retest reliability has not been examined. METHODS Sixteen males and 14 females, ranging in age from 23 to 56 years (mean 32.8 years), with no known vestibular dysfunction were tested. The(More)
Buspirone HCl (Buspar) is a novel anxiolytic agent unrelated to the benzodiazepines or other psychotherapeutic agents. Animal studies support an anxioselective profile, i.e. relief of anxiety without sedation, muscle relaxation or anticonvulsant activity. Double-blind clinical studies show buspirone to be effective in the treatment of anxiety and anxiety in(More)
A multicentre study was undertaken to determine the effectiveness of benzydamine, a non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug, in relieving oral pain and inflammation due to cancer chemotherapy or chemoradiotherapy-induced mucositis. Benzydamine or placebo mouthwash was administered in a double-blind fashion to patients with established mucositis who complained(More)
This paper reports a study of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in 42 women who took megestrol acetate (MA) .5 mg daily for 6 months. Blood glucose, plasma insulin, fasting plasma growth hormone and fasting plasma triglycerides were measured both before and after 6 months of MA treatment. Before each test the women were instructed to eat a high(More)
The effects of diazepam on memory and psychomotor performance in healthy elderly (N = 12) and young (N = 12) individuals were examined. Diazepam was administered acutely in a single, oral 2.5 mg dose. Diazepam impaired memory, both immediate and delayed recall, and psychomotor performance in the elderly subjects. In addition, the drug caused an increase in(More)
An analysis was made of the occurrence of anticholinergic side effects in 15 multicenter studies of 379 patients with endogenous depression who received either trazodone, imipramine, or placebo. The incidence of 4 anticholinergic side effects was examined: dry mouth, blurred vision, bowel movement disturbance, and delayed urine flow. When the number of(More)
Elderly normal volunteers (N=12, mean age 70.4 years) were administered placebo or diazepam 2.5, 5, 10 mg in four consecutive sessions separated by at least a 1-week interval. Memory and psychomotor performance and plasma diazepam concentrations were assessed at baseline and at 1 and 3 h following drug administration. Significant impairments were found in(More)
The time-response effect of two currently used mydriatics, phenylephrine and tropicamide, were evaluated in 524 eyes. Four different types of dilating regimens were used: 2.5% phenylephrine, 10% phenylephrine, 0.5% tropicamide, and the combination of 2.5% phenylephrine and 0.5% tropicamide. The analysis indicated that the recovery from mydriasis occurs(More)