Roberta McKean

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The degradation of klerval (I) was studied as a function of pH. The extent and routes of degradation were found to be pH-dependent. Under strongly acidic conditions (pH<2), the drug predominantly undergoes specific acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of the side-chain amide bond yielding II8), the drug undergoes specific base-catalyzed hyrolysis yielding II and(More)
Cross-correlation was implemented for flow-injection analysis by using two parallel flow lines, each with amperometric detectors, and driven by peristaltic pumps. One flow line was used to generate the reference signal for an analog correlator circuit and the other to generate the analyte signal. Cross-correlation was performed by multiplying these signals(More)
Vision is a sensation that is created from complex processes and provides us with a representation of the world around us. There are many important aspects of vision, but visual acuity was judged to be the most appropriate vision assessment for the NIH Toolbox for Assessment of Neurological and Behavioral Function, both because of its central role in visual(More)
The pseudo-tetrapeptide designated here as RGD (N-ethyl-N-[1-oxo-4-(4-piperidinyl) butyl] glycyl-L-alpha- aspartyl-3-cyclohexyl-L-alaninamide) and its isomer with beta-aspartic acid rather than alpha-aspartic acid were examined using electrospray ionization (ESI) and Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (FT-ICR-MS). RGD has potential(More)
Fibroblast growth factors are a series of well characterized proteins that have intriguing pharmacological properties. Acidic fibroblast growth factor (aFGF) recently appeared in the literature for its efficacy in spinal cord repair in rats. The protein has proven difficult to analyze by capillary electrophoresis, because it has a tendency to unfold,(More)
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