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BACKGROUND As vision plays a significant role in mobility performance, it is usual to refer low vision patients, particularly those who complain of mobility difficulties, for orientation and mobility (O&M) training to help them maintain safe independent travel. Our study aimed to determine whether there was a relationship between measures of vision and(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate and compare the effect of gravity and gaze direction on toric lens orientation and visual acuity (VA). METHOD This was a 14 subject, randomised, unmasked, non-dispensing study, relating to the effect of gaze direction and posture on toric lens orientation and VA. Four lens types were assessed: Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism (AOfA),(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the comparative orientation characteristics of currently available silicone hydrogel torics. METHODS The re-orientation characteristics of four toric lenses were assessed: three prism-ballasted (PB) designs, Purevision Toric (PVT), Air Optix Toric (AOT), Proclear Toric (PCT), and an "Accelerated Stabilization Design" (ASD) ACUVUE(More)
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