Roberta Marzi

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Inflammation is a multistep process triggered when innate immune cells - for example, DCs - sense a pathogen or injured cell or tissue. Edema formation is one of the first steps in the inflammatory response; it is fundamental for the local accumulation of inflammatory mediators. Injection of LPS into the skin provides a model for studying the mechanisms of(More)
In order to minimize the impact of systemic toxicity of drugs in the treatment of local acute and chronic inflammatory reactions, the achievement of reliable and efficient delivery of therapeutics in/through the skin is highly recommended. While the use of nanoparticles is now an established practice for drug intravenous targeted delivery, their transdermal(More)
A new amphoteric copolymer, PhenISA, has been obtained by copolymerization of 4-(4'-aminobutyl)-1,10-phenanthroline (BAP) with 2-methylpiperazine and bis(acrylamido)acetic acid (BAC) (6% of phenanthroline-containing repeating units). The copolymer showed excellent solubility in water, where it self-aggregated to give clear nanoparticle suspensions(More)
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