Roberta M. Roth

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C Co om mp pu ut te er r S Se el lf f-E Ef ff fi ic ca ac cy y: : A A P Pr ra ac ct ti ic ca al l I In nd di ic ca at to or r o of f S St tu ud de en nt t C Co om mp pu ut te er r C Co om mp pe et te en nc cy y i in n I In nt tr ro od du uc ct to or ry y I IS S C Co ou ur rs se es s ABSTRACT Students often receive their first college-level computer training(More)
The concept of a decision support system (GDSS) is appealing to many organizations as ways are sought to improve the productivity of group meetings. Unfortunately, the purchase or development of group decision support systems may be prohibitively expensive. This paper explores an alternative way of acquiring GDSS capabilities. First, the fundamental(More)
A major unresolved issue in the knowledge acquisition literature is the appropriateness of using several experts as knowledge sources. If multiple experts are to be utilized as knowledge sources, then knowledge acquisition techniques suitable for use with groups must be identified and employed. This paper reports on the results of a study that used the(More)
Overview Research in knowledge acquisition has not yet resolved the issue of whether multiple experts should be employed as knowledge sources in expert system development. Another unresolved issue is how best to extract the several expert's knowledge, particularly in face-to-face group settings. This paper reports on the results of a study that incorporated(More)
The paper examines the work of Dr. Gary A. Wicklund and doctoral student Ms. Roberta M. Roth of the University of Iowa in the development and implementation of an insurance underwriting expert system for a Midwestern insurance company. The underwriting function reviews applicant data for determination of insurability. The feasibility of utilizing an expert(More)
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