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STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine whether patients prescribed inhaled corticosteroids are at risk for adverse gastrointestinal effects. DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING Urban health center with an academic affiliation. PATIENTS A total of 19,443 adults (mean age 31.8 yrs) with airways disease, defined as a diagnosis of asthma or chronic(More)
OBJECTIVES The population of older patients with schizophrenia is increasing. This study describes health outcomes, utilization, and costs over 10 years in a sample of older patients with schizophrenia compared with older patients without schizophrenia. METHODS An observational cohort study of 31,588 older adults (mean age: 70.44 years) receiving care(More)
INTRODUCTION High blood glucose levels may be responsible for the increased risk for dementia in diabetic patients. METHODS A secondary data analysis merging electronic medical records (EMRs) with data collected from the Indianapolis-Ibadan Dementia project (IIDP). Of the enrolled 4105 African Americans, 3778 were identified in the EMR. Study endpoints(More)
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