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Bone metastases are commonly observed in oncologic patients with advanced disease. These metastases are considered the main cause of neoplastic pain, with more than half of oncologic patients experiencing neoplastic pain during the course of the disease due to bone involvement. Lung, breast, and prostate cancers are the primary causes of bone metastases.(More)
Ingestion of various types of foreign bodies (FBs) such as coins, toy parts, jewelry pieces, needles and pins, fish and chicken bones, and button-type batteries is common among children. The curiosity of children and their need to investigate the world around them place them at a higher risk for ingestion of FBs. Fortunately, 80%-90% of ingested foreign(More)
Imaging techniques, such as ultrasound imaging, computed tomography, positron emission tomography or magnetic resonance imaging, are highly accurate procedures for the detection of lymph node enlargement, but none of them has the same sensitivity in the biological definition and in the cause of enlargement. Therefore, a direct evaluation of corresponding(More)
Metastatic disease is a common complication of the most advanced malignancies. It may compromise the patients' quality of life, often posing a greater risk than the primary disease itself. Currently, several different therapeutic approaches are available to palliate or cure (single metastasis with primary neoplasm under control - radical surgery) secondary(More)
In this article, we review the expected course of each of the 12 cranial nerves. Traditional magnetic resonance imaging depicts only the larger cranial nerves but SSFP sequences of magnetic resonance imaging are capable of depicting the cisternal segments of 12 cranial nerves and also provide submillimetric spatial resolution.
Cleaning and shaping are important section for the root canal treatment. A number of different methodologies have been developed to overcome these problems, including the introduction of rotary instruments nickel-titanium (NiTi). In endodontics NiTi have been shown to significantly reduce procedural errors compared to manual techniques of instrumentation.(More)
Considerato l’alto numero di pazienti operati allo stomaco in cui la sintomatologia, anche grave, può essere direttamente correlata alla presenza del materiale di sutura penetrante in cavità gastrica, gli autori illustrano una metodica per l’ablazione per-endoscopica della intera linea di sutura. Si descrivono i due semplici strumenti ideati e, costruiti(More)
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