Roberta Gori

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Verifying critical numerical software involves the generation of test data for floating-point intensive programs. As the symbolic execution of floating-point computations presents significant difficulties, existing approaches usually resort to random or search-based test data generation. However, without symbolic reasoning, it is almost impossible to(More)
In this paper we propose to apply the Abstract Interpretation approach [9,10] for approximating the behaviour of biological systems, modeled specifically using the Chemical Ground Form calculus [4], a new stochastic calculus rich enough to model the dynamics of biochemical reactions. Our analysis computes an Interval Markov Chains that safely approximates(More)
Several logi -based languages, su h as Prolog II and its su essors, SICStus Prolog and Oz, o er a omputation domain in luding rational trees. In nite rational trees allow for inreased expressivity ( y li terms an provide eÆ ient representations of grammars and other useful obje ts) and for faster uni ation (due to the safe omission of the o urshe k).(More)