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This paper examines mental health service use among publicly insured white and African-American pregnant and postpartum women who live in a metropolitan area. The study examines the extent to which ethnicity, physical health problems, and behavioral health risk factors are associated with the probability of service use during the prenatal-postpartum period.(More)
In this article we describe a focus group study of the perspectives of diverse groups of mental health consumers on the concept of community. We identify the core domains that constitute the notion of community, and commonalities and differences in the perception of community along the lines of ethnicity and sexual orientation/gender identity. Seven focus(More)
Persistent racial and ethnic disparities in access and utilization of behavioral health services have highlighted the need for cultural competence among providers. In response, many agencies are now implementing education and training programs to ensure that behavioral health professionals improve their skills when serving diverse ethnic, racial, and(More)
The research problem investigated in this article emerged from a year-long ethnographic study of the interdisciplinary process of teams evaluating children for mental retardation/developmental disabilities. The researchers noticed that when a discipline was not present at team meetings, others attempted to speak for it. This article examines the team(More)
Three cases in which interdisciplinary teams experienced conflict were examined in depth. Disagreement within the team was expressed covertly and overtly. In the face of conflicting perceptions, team members attempted to influence others to agree with them, changed their own recommendations, or tried to find an area of compromise. Team members did not fully(More)
Increasing numbers of children are living in families consisting of grandparents and grandchildren. This paper presents findings of a study in which 123 caregiving grandmothers were interviewed. Fifty-eight percent of these grandmothers were "career caregivers," whose homes were always filled with a child or grandchild. Most of them were in good to(More)
This is a study of two strategies of case management-Community Treatment Teams (CTTs) and Intensive Case Management Teams (ICMTs). A random sample of 30 cases from the CTT group were matched with 30 cases from the ICMT group using 4 criteria. Data were collected from case records and verified with case managers. The analysis revealed that although the CTTs(More)
Although much has been written about interdisciplinary teams, little is known about how social workers who begin employment in interdisciplinary settings learn how to be team players. This article, based on a year-long ethnographic sociolinguistic research study in one such setting, describes and analyzes the interactive experiences of a social worker who,(More)
The authors report results of a pilot study on the custody status of 20 women with severe mental illnesses who were parents of a total of 76 children. The mothers had some of their children living with them and others dispersed among kinship and nonkinship arrangements. Qualitative findings illustrate how bewildered these women were about the status of(More)