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This paper examines mental health service use among publicly insured white and African-American pregnant and postpartum women who live in a metropolitan area. The study examines the extent to which ethnicity, physical health problems, and behavioral health risk factors are associated with the probability of service use during the prenatal-postpartum period.(More)
Persistent racial and ethnic disparities in access and utilization of behavioral health services have highlighted the need for cultural competence among providers. In response, many agencies are now implementing education and training programs to ensure that behavioral health professionals improve their skills when serving diverse ethnic, racial, and(More)
This qualitative study examines the relational dimension of social inclusion by exploring the ways in which persons in recovery from mental illness understand and define their relationships with various communities. Semistructured interviews were conducted with 20 participants who were heterogeneous with respect to gender, psychiatric diagnoses, sexual(More)
Despite the recent development of theories in the social sciences that define human development and functioning in an integrated, nuanced and complex manner, the social work concept of " person-in-environment " remains outdated and limited. This is in part due to the " person " and " environment "-the biological, psychological, and social environments-being(More)
Schizophrenia is a disabling, often persistent psychiatric disorder that poses numerous challenges in its management and consequences. The burden of care for persons with schizophrenia has shifted from hospitals to families, resulting in a significant cost for the caregiver as well as for the person with schizophrenia (Jungbauer, Wittmund, Dietrich &(More)
This article uses a postmodern lens to examine "shocks," cognitive emotional reactions of the interviewer to the unexpected, and shows how shocks and "shockwaves," responses to shocks, are related to the process of Othering. The concepts master narrative, coherence, Othering, positionality, and nonunitary subjectivity are used to present the analysis. Using(More)
With the introduction of lithium and increasing evidence that bipolar disorder is a biogenetic condition, changes have occurred in the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder. Cross-cultural studies indicate that in the United States there is a tendency to overuse the diagnosis of schizophrenia when bipolar may be indicated. Both disorders have(More)
This paper examines patterns of denominational switching and the characteristics of switchers within Judaism in the United States. Viewing Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Judaism and a fourth "non-specific" group as categories that range from the most traditional to the least traditional respectively, it focuses on the movement of individuals toward or(More)
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