Roberta Eckert

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It is well accepted that the Americas were the last continents reached by modern humans, most likely through Beringia. However, the precise time and mode of the colonization of the New World remain hotly disputed issues. Native American populations exhibit almost exclusively five mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroups (A-D and X). Haplogroups A-D are also(More)
The fabrication of silicon cantilever-based scanning near-field optical microscope probes with fully aluminium-coated quartz tips was optimized to increase production yield. Different cantilever designs for dynamic- and contact-mode force feedback were implemented. Light transmission through the tips was investigated experimentally in terms of the metal(More)
Several approaches are described with the aim of producing near-field optical probes with improved properties. Focused ion beam milling allows the fabrication of small apertures in a controlled fashion, resulting in probes with excellent polarization properties and increased transmission. Microfabrication processes are described that allow the production of(More)
A cantilever-based probe is introduced for use in scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM) combined with scanning atomic-force microscopy (AFM). The probes consist of silicon cantilevers with integrated 25-mum-high fused-silica tips. The probes are batch fabricated by microfabrication technology. Transmission electron microscopy reveals that the(More)
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