Roberta Danzi

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Psammocarcinoma is a rare variant of serous carcinoma arising either from ovary or peritoneum, characterized by massive psammoma body formation, low-grade of cytologic differentiation and invasiveness. Its clinical behavior is similar to the serous borderline tumors, whose prognosis is significantly better compared to invasive forms, with a 5-year survival(More)
Lipomas are benign tumors of mesenchymal origin which may localize in various sites, both superficial or deep. Among the benign tumors they have an incidence of around 10%; most of them have small size and low weight (about 30 g); huge masses (giants lipomas) are uncommon. The Authors report the case of a 73 years old woman, with a large swelling localized(More)
The monoclonal antibodies MOv2 and MOv8, raised against ovarian carcinoma, were found to be directed against two non-crossreacting epitopes expressed on the same molecule. Immunochemical analysis of the MOv8 recognized epitope showed that the Le(a) oligosaccharide, or commercial anti-Le(a) MAb, but not the anti-Le(b) MAb, prevented Ov8 binding to the(More)
UNLABELLED Fine-needle aspiration (22G) is the diagnostic procedure chosen to study the nature of suspicious thyroid nodules. In 2008 the SIAPEC-IAP work group issued the results of Italian Consensus about the clinical management of patients with thyroid nodular disease, and introduced diagnostic categories aimed to standardize the diagnostic and(More)
Solid pseudopapillary neoplasm (SPT) of the pancreas is a rare exocrine tumor, for the first time described from Frantz et al. in 1959. Despite the increasing recognition of the tumor in this last year, its pathogenesis remain unclear. It occurs predominantly in young woman and behave in an indolent fashion, even when distant metastasis are present. The(More)
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