Roberta Coeli Neves Moreira

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Software maintenance is an important problem because software is an evolving complex system. To make software maintenance viable, it is important to know the real nature of the systems we have to deal with. Little House is a model that provides a macroscopic view of software systems. According to Little House, a software system can be modeled as a graph(More)
—The dependence among modules in a software system usually is represented as a network, in which the nodes are the modules, and the edges are the connections between the modules. The relationships among modules in software systems are hard to assess, especially in large programs. Knowing the nature of the software system structures is very important to(More)
  • J E F Araújo, J L Cordovil, J R Croca, R N Moreira, A R Da, Silva
  • 2009
Recently the experimental group of A. Aspect published a very interesting experimental realization of the well known Wheeler's delayed-choice Gedanken Experiment. In the paper the authors refer to the usual, non causal linear explanation of the experiment. In the present work we show how it is possible, and furthermore desirable, to explain the same(More)
We have analyzed 1300 Auditory Brain-Stem Response Audiometry exams. The patients were distributed according to criteria related to age, clinical presentation, hearing impairment risk-factors and hearing thresholds. The results were divided into five groups of hearing thresholds: normal hearing (threshold response obtained up to 25 dBHL); mild hearing loss(More)
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