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Cives romani in marmoris arte periti: the Classical World and the Renewal of the Cloister Model in 13th century Rome
An introduction of the cloister in Rome starts in the 12th century (Tre Fontane, S. Lorenzo fuori le mura, S. Cecilia in Trastevere), but it’s only in the 13th century that we find a systematic usageExpand
Hic studet atque legit monachorum cetus et orat. Forma e funzione del chiostro nello spazio del monastero dalle origini a Cluny
The presence of the cloister in medieval monasteries is relatively late and, until the central Middle Ages, geographically limited to Central Europe. The analysis of material evidences attested unt...
Il refettorio medievale del Sacro Speco a Subiaco: studi in occasione del restauro
italianoIl restauro dell’ex-Refettorio benedettino del Monastero del Sacro Speco a Subiaco – in origine nato come Dormitorio del convento, oggi adibito a cappella – e stato finanziato nel 2013 dalExpand
Picturing the Founder. A New Reading of the Stories of St. Benedict in the Lower Church of Sacro Speco at Subiaco.
The frescoes in the lower church of the Sacro Speco at Subiaco closed the complex architectural history which during the 13th century, from the time of Pope Innocent III (1198–1216), saw the growthExpand
Il rinnovamento dei monasteri benedettini a Roma tra la fine del XII e l’inizio del XIII secolo: un’indagine preliminare
After the defeat of the schismatic pope Anacletus II, even in Rome the Benedictines declined, outpaced by the Cistercians. In the 1140s there is record of the first Cistercian settlement ad aquasExpand