Roberta Cenni

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Airborne particulate matter (PM) is an important environmental issue because of its association with acute respiratory distress in humans, although the specific particle characteristics that cause lung damage have yet to be identified. Particle size, acid aerosols, water-soluble transition metals (e.g. Cu, Fe, V, Ni and Zn), polyaromatic hydrocarbons, and(More)
The splitting between the charge-longitudinal and spin-transverse responses is explained in a model whose inputs are the effective interactions in the particle-hole channels in the frame of the first order boson loop expansion. It is shown that the interplay between ω-meson exchange and box diagrams (two-meson exchange with simultaneous excitation of one or(More)
The results of an experiment on inclusive electron scattering from an oxygen jet target, performed in a wide range of energy and momentum transfer covering both quasi-elastic and (1232) resonance regions, are reported. In the former region the theoretical predictions, obtained including eeects of nucleon-nucleon correlations in both initial and nal states,(More)
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