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Mineral-accumulating compartments in developing seeds of Arabidopsis were studied using high-pressure-frozen/freeze-substituted samples. Developing seeds store minerals in three locations: in the protein storage vacuoles of the embryo, and transiently in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and vacuolar compartments of the chalazal endosperm. Energy dispersive(More)
BACKGROUND While ultrasound (US) has continued to expedite diagnosis and therapy for critical care physicians inside the hospital system, the technology has been slow to diffuse into the pre-hospital system. Given the diagnostic benefits of thoracic ultrasound (TUS), we sought to evaluate image recognition skills for two important TUS applications; the(More)
INTRODUCTION Accurate field triage of critically injured patients to trauma centers is vital for improving survival. We sought to estimate the national degree of undertriage of trauma patients who die in emergency departments (EDs) by evaluating the frequency and characteristics associated with triage to non-trauma centers. METHODS This was a(More)
Between 1969 and 1979, 22 patients with medulloblastoma were treated by the same surgical group and radiation therapy group. The patients were divided into two groups because of the clinical availability in December 1974 of the computed tomographic (CT) scanner and of the operating microscope used in the initial surgical procedure. There were 11 patients in(More)
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