Roberta Candiani

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Totally gastrectomized rats have been used to induce a spongy demyelination in the white matter of the spinal cord (SC) which is strongly reminiscent of that observed in subacute combined degeneration of human SC. Totally gastrectomized rats are deprived of intrinsic factor and thereafter become deficient in cobalamin. Morphologically, the spongy(More)
A total of 124 children of both sexes aged between 6 and 12 years with pollen-associated rhino-conjunctivitis were included in a multicentre double-blind study of parallel group design to compare the effects of cetirizine 10 mg daily, given as 5 mg morning and evening for 2 weeks, with those of placebo of identical appearance. Rhinorrhea, sneezing, nasal(More)
Oncology is driven by an exponentially increasing complexity. As an example, the use of molecular profiling or the determination of molecularly based biomarkers for the selection of the appropriate targeted therapy has now become routine in clinical practice. Such developments must be covered during education and integrated at all levels, from basic medical(More)
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