Roberta C Oldfield

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The need for a simply applied quantitative assessment of handedness is discussed and some previous forms reviewed. An inventory of 20 items with a set of instructions and responseand computational-conventions is proposed and the results obtained from a young adult population numbering some 1100 individuals are reported. The separate items are examined from(More)
PURPOSE Melanomas, sarcomas, and neuroblastomas abundantly express the ganglioside GD2 on the cell surface where it is susceptible to immune attack by antibodies. Overexpression of GD2 on these tumors is striking, as is the frequency of clinical responses after treatment of neuroblastoma with monoclonal antibodies against GD2. In addition, preclinical(More)
The ability to name object-drawings, measured by score and response latency, was examined in men with chronic, focal brain lesions due to missile injury. The group with left hemisphere lesions was significantly impaired on both measures and this impairment was clearly related to the incidence of clinically detectable dysphasia. In contrast, the impairment(More)