Roberta Ballarin

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In this paper I analyze David Kaplan’s essay “Opacity”. In “Opacity” Kaplan attempts to dismiss Quine’s concerns about quantification across intensional (modal and intentional) operators. I argue that Kaplan succeeds in showing that quantification across intensional operators is logically coherent and that quantified modal logic is strictly speaking not(More)
In this paper I argue against the commonly received view that Kripke’s formal Possible World Semantics (PWS) reflects the adoption of a metaphysical interpretation of the modal operators. I consider in detail Kripke’s three main innovations vis-à-vis Carnap’s PWS: a new view of the worlds, variable domains of quantification, and the adoption of a universal(More)
In this paper, I reconstruct Quine’s arguments against quantified modal logic, from the early 1940’s to the early 1960’s. Quine’s concerns were not technical. Quine was looking for a coherent interpretation of quantified-in English modal sentences. I argue that Quine’s main thesis is that the intended objectual interpretation of the quantifiers is(More)
NEL Federal University of Santa Catarina Florianópolis, 2015 IX Principia International Symposium Possible Worlds and Their Application in Philosophy and the Sciences Organizing Comitee Scientific Comitee Cezar A. Mortari Otávio Bueno Jonas Rafael Becker Arenhart John Divers Jaimir Conte Christopher Menzel Otávio Bueno Guido Imaguire Marco Ruffino With the(More)
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