Roberta Akemi Sinoara

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Evaluation measures, objective and subjective, are used to assist users in finding interesting association rules. Objective measures are more general, but they can be insufficient because they do not consider user’s and domain features. However, getting user’s knowledge and interest needed to calculate subjective measures can be a difficult task. Thus, this(More)
aBStract Association rule mining is a data mining task that is applied in several real problems. However, due to the huge number of association rules that can be generated, the knowledge post-processing phase becomes very complex and challenging. There are several evaluation measures that can be used in this phase to assist users in finding interesting(More)
Text clustering is a text mining task which is often used to aid the organization, knowledge extraction, and exploratory search of text collections. Nowadays, the automatic text clustering becomes essential as the volume and variety of digital text documents increase, either in social networks and the Web or inside organizations. This paper explores the use(More)
As text semantics has an important role in text meaning, the term semantics has been seen in a vast sort of text mining studies. However, there is a lack of studies that integrate the different research branches and summarize the developed works. This paper reports a systematic mapping about semantics-concerned text mining studies. This systematic mapping(More)
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