RobertW Logan

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OBJECTIVE To determine the pattern of mortality ascribed to cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis and to identify factors that might be important in the aetiology of the disease; and to assess the validity of death certification of the disease. DESIGN A retrospective examination of mortality ascribed to cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis in England and Wales(More)
We describe a male newborn who presented with a nodular mass in the right testicle. The alpha-fetoprotein level was greater than 450 ng. per ml. Scrotal ultrasound showed a multicystic "swiss-cheese"-appearing mass replacing most of the testicle, which suggested a teratoma. An operation was postponed until the physiological jaundice subsided. At orchiectomy(More)
OBJECTIVE to test whether omeprazole taken for longer than 1 month causes an increase in the rate of small bowel bacterial overgrowth in elderly subjects. SUBJECTS 44 elderly people, 22 taking omeprazole, 22 not taking omeprazole or H2 receptor antagonists. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES rate of positive glucose-hydrogen breath tests; anthropometric measures and(More)
We report a case of targetoid hair regrowth pattern in a female patient with alopecia areata. A 39-year-old woman presented with a 2-month history of two discrete areas of hair loss affecting the vertex and occipital areas of her scalp. Three weeks before her visit to us, she had been seen privately by a consultant dermatologist, who had prescribed topical(More)
Clinical findings in Leber's hereditary optic atrophy (LHOA) are reviewed and the results given of treatment with a regimen based on the hypothesis that the disease is a manifestation of cyanide toxicity. Recent biochemical investigations confirm disturbed cyanide metabolism and suggest that zinc deficiency may be implicated.