Robert van der Geest

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During the last few years, software product line engineering has gained significant interest as a way for creating software products faster and cheaper. But what architecture is needed to integrate huge amounts of products, from different product lines? This paper describes such an architecture and its support processes and tools. Through cases, it is(More)
The classical Kalman-Yakubovich-Popov lemma provides a link between dissipativity of a system in state-space form and the solution to a linear matrix inequality. In this paper we derive the KYP lemma for linear systems described by higher-order differential equations. The result is an LMI in terms of the original coefficients in which the dissipativity(More)
In this paper we characterize the set of all restrictions on the behaviour of a plant that shape the characteristic polynomial of the closed-loop system. These control laws include both classical feedback laws and singular feedback laws. One of the results is the behavioural version of the Youla-Jabr-BongiornoKuEera-parameterization of all stabilizing(More)
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