Robert van Gent

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PolyTOIL is a new statically typed polymorphic object-oriented programming language that is provably typesafe. By separating the definitions of subtyping and inheritance, providing a name for the type of self, and carefully defining the type-checking rules, we have obtained a language that is very expressive while supporting modular type-checking of(More)
Over the last several years, much interesting work has been done in modelling object-oriented programming languages in terms of extensions of the bounded second-order lambda calculus, Fr. Unfortunately, it has recently been shown by Pierce ([Pie92]) that type checking F< is undecidable. Moreover, he showed that the undecidability arises in t,he seemingly(More)
In this context, it is not the personality of the actor that interests us, but the personality of the character he or she portrays. Thus, when we say that an actor is “in character,” we mean that the actor is behaving in accordance with a personality created by an author, shaped by a director, and assumed by an audience, for purposes of a particular(More)
Directed improvisation is a new paradigm for multiagent interaction. One or more human users direct one or more computer characters with scripted or interactive directions. The characters work together to improvise a course of behavior that follows the directions, expresses their distinctive individual styles, honors ocial conventions, and meets other(More)
"Improv Puppets'' is an interaction paradigm modeled after traditional puppet play. With physical puppets, children move their puppets' bodies and speak their puppets' words in real time. Thus, the puppets serve as passive vehicles for the children's collaboration on improvisational story making. Similarly, with Improv Puppets, players direct the physical(More)
Like their human counterparts in the real world, interactive characters will soon play helpful roles, enabling customers of Web enterprises to do the things they go to Web sites to do. They will make it easy for people to interact with them through natural forms of conversation and gesture. They will add interest and warmth to the online experience through(More)
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