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Frog prepropeptide GLa, a precursor to a secretory protein containing 64 amino acids, was processed and imported by dog pancreas microsomes. These events did not depend on either docking protein or on the presence of ribosomes. A hybrid protein between the first 60 amino acids of prepropeptide GLa and an unrelated peptide of 49 amino acids fused to the(More)
Translocation of large presecretory proteins into the mammalian endoplasmic reticulum requires the ribonucleoparticles, signal recognition particle, and ribosome and is tightly coupled to ongoing protein synthesis. We have shown previously that small presecretory proteins can translocate post-translationally in a reaction that does not require these(More)
Dog pancreas microsomes represent the key components of the established model system for the analysis of protein transport into the mammalian endoplasmic reticulum. More recently, these microsomes were also employed in cell-free systems which address questions related to protein folding and protein degradation in the mammalian endoplasmic reticulum. In(More)
Leaf gas exchange, transpiration, water potential and xylem water flow measurements were used in order to investigate the daily water balance of intact, naturally growing, adult Larix and Picea trees without major injury. The total daily water use of the tree was very similar when measured as xylem water flow at breast height or at the trunk top below the(More)
Cotranslational protein transport into dog pancreas microsomes involves the Sec61p complex plus a luminal heat shock protein 70. Posttranslational protein transport into the yeast endoplasmic reticulum (ER) involves the so-called Sec complex in the membrane, comprising a similar Sec61p subcomplex, the putative signal peptide receptor subcomplex, and the(More)
Biosynthesis of isocitrate lyase, a tetrameric enzyme of the glyoxysomal matrix, was studied in Neurospora crassa, in which the formation of glyoxysomes was induced by a substitution of sucrose medium by acetate medium. 1. Translation of Neurospora mRNA in reticulocyte lysates yields a product which has the same apparent molecular weight as the subunit of(More)
In eukaryotic cells export of the vast majority of newly synthesized secretory proteins is initiated at the level of the membrane of the endoplasmic reticulum (microsomal membrane). The precursors of secretory proteins are not transported across the microsomal membrane in their native state. Typically, signal peptides in the precursor proteins are involved(More)
The presecretory protein ppcecDHFR, a hybrid between preprocecropinA and dihydrofolate reductase, is transported into mammalian microsomes post-translationally, i.e. independent of ribosome and signal recognition particle. Here, the involvement of microsomal proteins in ribonucleoparticle-independent transport of ppcecDHFR was analyzed by transport into(More)
Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is one of the main causes of maternal deaths even in industrialized countries. It represents an emergency situation which necessitates a rapid decision and in particular an exact diagnosis and root cause analysis in order to initiate the correct therapeutic measures in an interdisciplinary cooperation. In addition to established(More)