Robert Zdanowski

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UNLABELLED Lymphocyte-induced angiogenesis test (LIA) is a model of local graft-versus-host (GVH) reaction, marker of the earliest events resulting from activation of donor lymphocytes after contact with host semi-allogeneic histocompatibility antigens. The effect of in vivo oral administration of Aloe vera gel for 21 days to maternal strain (Balb/c) donor(More)
Fas receptor-Fas ligand (FasL) signaling is involved in apoptosis of virus-infected cells but increasing evidence accumulates on Fas receptor as a mediator of apoptosis-independent processes such as induction of activating and pro-inflammatory signals. In this study, we examined the role of Fas/FasL pathway in regulation of anti-viral response to genital(More)
The effect of Alchinal (a complex preparation consisting of three substances: Echinacea purpurea extract, Allium sativum extract, cocoa) on the development of Trichinella spiralis infection in mice was studied. The preparation was administered to the animals orally, twice a day in 30 microl doses for 10 days after infecting mice with Trichinella larvae (500(More)
Plants belonging to the Rhodiola genus, originating from Asia, are traditionally used as tonic, adaptogen, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory drugs. These plants have also potent immunomodulatory properties and in some situations possibly could be used instead of standard antibiotic therapy (e.g. during pregnancy or lactation). The aim of our present(More)
Monocytic cells represent important cellular elements of the innate and adaptive immune responses in viral infections. We assessed the role of Fas/FasL in promoting monocyte apoptosis during HSV-2 infection by using an in vitro model based on the murine RAW 264.7 monocytic cell line and an in vivo murine model of HSV-2 infection applied to C57BL6,(More)
INTRODUCTION Diabetes and obesity are diseases characterized by their increasing incidence every year. When comparing with healthy subjects, the serum levels of chromium (Cr) are lowered in these two diseases. Several studies conducted in laboratory animals with experimentally- induced diabetes demonstrated that supplementation with chromium ions (III)(More)
Anticancer activity of many herbs was observed for hundreds of years. They act as modifiers of biologic response, and their effectiveness may be increased by combining multiple herbal extracts . PERVIVO, traditional digestive herbal remedy, contains some of them, and we previously described its antiangiogenic activity. Numerous studies documented anticancer(More)
Acetylcholine has been well known as one of the most exemplary neurotransmitters. In humans, this versatile molecule and its synthesizing enzyme, choline acetyltransferase, have been found in various non-neural tissues such as the epithelium, endothelium, mesothelium muscle, blood cells and immune cells. The non-neuronal acetylcholine is accompanied by the(More)
Hydrolyzable tannins are known to exhibit diverse biological effects, which can be used in combination with silver nanoparticles (AgNPs). In this study, we tested toxic and inflammatory properties of tannic-acid modified 13, 33, 46 nm and unmodified 10-65 nm AgNPs using murine 291.03C keratinocyte and RAW 264.7 monocyte cell lines. Both cell lines exposed(More)
INTRODUCTION Pathomechanism of HRS is still poorly understood. The aim of our study was: (1) to test whether different strains of rats could develop typical HRS, and (2) to estimate the influence of activation and inhibition of nitric oxide for development of renal failure in course of HRS. MATERIAL AND METHODS First, we used 16 of Wistar and 16 of(More)