Robert Zavadil

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The characteristics and effects of nonlinear loads in the commercial office environment are discussed. The interaction of distorted currents drawn by these loads with the power system are described. An approximate approach for evaluating potential problems within a given facility is discussed, which, while not rigorous, can be used as a screening tool by(More)
—Wind energy is increasingly viewed as a desirable energy source, but it must be integrated into power grids and electric utility systems that are understandably oriented around issues of power, capacity and reliability. It is important to know the actual impact costs of significant wind penetration levels, and the paper first describes a study approach and(More)
Neutral current and neutral voltage in three-phase four-wire distribution system is a big concern in power system. Various non-linear loads specially the switch mode power supply types loads inject harmonic current in neutral. The variations of neutral current and neutral voltage are analysed. Measurements taken from Electrical Machine lab of National(More)
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