Robert Zak

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The Connection Machine Model CM-5 Supercomputer is a massively parallel computer system designed to offer performance in the range of 1 teraflops (1012 floating-point operations per second). The CM-5 obtains its high performance while offering ease of programming, flexibility, and reliability. The machine contains three communication networks: a data(More)
The localization of high-molecular-weight (80,000-200,000-daltons) proteins in the sarcomere of striated muscle has been studied by coordinated electron-microscopic and sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) gel electrophoretic analysis of native myofilaments and extracted and digested myofibrils. Methods were developed for the isolation of thick and thin filaments(More)
Hypertrophy was produced in the anterior latissimus dorsi (ALD) muscle of 5-wk-old chickens by application of a load to the humerus. After 4 wk, hypertrophied ALD muscles were greater than 2.5 times heavier than contralateral control ALD muscles. Two isomyosins are distinguishable in normal ALD muscles by their different electrophoretic mobilities. It is(More)
— Several topics on the implementation of spin qubits in quantum dots are reviewed. We first provide an introduction to the standard model of quantum computing and the basic criteria for its realization. Other alternative formulations such as measurement-based and adiabatic quantum computing are briefly discussed. We then focus on spin qubits in single and(More)
Cross and longitudinal sections from the encapsulated portions of chicken tibialis anterior and extensor digitorum longus muscle spindles were examined to determine whether their intrafusal fibers were a structurally homogeneous or heterogeneous population. The techniques used were the histochemical actomyosin (mATPase) reaction, and fluorescence(More)
The organization of the cytoskeleton at the equator of chicken intrafusal fibers was examined with immunofluorescence light microscopy, using monoclonal antibodies against myosin heavy chains, desmin, actin and tropomyosin. Actin was localized in the cytosol and in equatorial nuclei, while myosin heavy chains, desmin and tropomyosin were only observed in(More)
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