Robert Yu-Liang Ting

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Using affinity purified human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) reverse transcriptase the reaction assay conditions were determined. The optimum incorporation of dTMP into the (rA)n(dT)10 template with HIV reverse transcriptase required 6 mM MgCl2 and 80 mM KCl. The template specificity of HIV reverse transcriptase is quite different from those of the human(More)
An activity gel analysis was performed in order to examine the catalytically active component of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) reverse transcriptase in purified enzyme preparations and HIV-infected cell extracts. Immunoaffinity purified HIV reverse transcriptase contains two proteins with molecular weights 66,000 and 51,000 in approximately equal(More)
An advanced configuration 1-3 piezocomposite, designated by its manufacturer as SonoPanel(TM), has been investigated for potential underwater acoustical applications. In-air electromechanical characteristics and in-water acoustical properties of the SonoPanel(TM) were experimentally examined. The in-air impedance measurement results showed the existence of(More)
This paper addresses the design of multimedia presentation of language learning material for Freshman English writing course at a University in Taiwan. The material is used to assist teacher' s instruction, and serves as the preliminary step regarding the implementation of instructional strategies in the language teaching course for digital learning(More)