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—The sensitivity of various features that are characteristic of a machine defect may vary considerably under different operating conditions. Hence it is critical to devise a systematic feature selection scheme that provides guidance on choosing the most representative features for defect classification. This paper presents a feature selection scheme based(More)
This paper presents a sensor fusion method for assessing physical activity (PA) of human subjects, based on support vector machines (SVMs). Specifically, acceleration and ventilation measured by a wearable multisensor device on 50 test subjects performing 13 types of activities of varying intensities are analyzed, from which activity type and energy(More)
Real-time monitoring of human physical activity (PA) is important for assessing the intensity of activity and exposure to environmental pollutions. A wireless wearable multisenor integrated measurement system (WIMS) has been designed for real-time measurement of the energy expenditure and breathing volume of human subjects under free-living conditions. To(More)
—This paper presents a signal analysis technique for machine health monitoring based on the Hilbert-Huang Transform (HHT). The HHT represents a time-dependent series in a two-dimensional (2-D) time-frequency domain by extracting instantaneous frequency components within the signal through an Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) process. The analytical(More)