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Exploring country-level institutional arrangements on the rate and type of entrepreneurial activity
This study introduces a novel multidimensional measure of the entrepreneurial environment that reveals how differences in institutional arrangements influence both the rate and the type ofExpand
Skirting the Issues
Given the increasing number of women executives in the top management teams of initial public offering (IPO) firms, the lack of female-led IPO firms is a curious fact, especially since women-ownedExpand
Bridging Behavioral Models and Theoretical Concepts: Effectuation and Bricolage in the Opportunity Creation Framework
Opportunity creation, effectuation, and bricolage are three concepts that describe value creation and the central role of entrepreneurial action in that process. Although research oftenExpand
Strategic alliances by venture capital backed firms: an empirical examination
A growing body of literature examines the formation of strategic alliances as an important value-added role provided by venture capital firms. This paper contributes to this literature by examiningExpand
Realism in the Study of Entrepreneurship
The authors present a response to an article in a prior issue by S. Ramoglou entitled "On the Misuse of Realism in the Study of Entrepreneurship" that itself was a comment on their own earlierExpand
Skirting the Issues? Experimental Evidence of Gender Bias in IPO Prospectus Evaluations
Given that women executives are present in the top management teams of IPO firms in increasing numbers, the lack of female-led IPO firms is a curious fact, especially since women-owned privateExpand
Is Venture Capital Really a Local Business? Evidence from U.S. Cross-Border Investment
A collection of specialized pre- and post-investment practices help venture capital firms mitigate the tremendous information and agency problems associated with investment in early-stage startups.Expand
Sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship: introduction to the volume
Sustainability is back on the global agenda. After intense debates in the late 1970s and early 1980s about limits to growth, rising oil prices, forest dieback (Waldsterben) and the like,Expand
The Strength of Strong Ties in an Emerging Industry: Experimental Evidence of the Effects of Status Hierarchies and Personal Ties in Venture Capitalist Decision-Making
Drawing from social network theory, scholars have identified two ways in which social ties influence venture capital investment decisions: directly through personal ties and indirectly through statusExpand