Robert Wright

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The moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) flown on-board NASA’s first earth observing system (EOS) platform, Terra, offers complete global data coverage every 1–2 days at spatial resolutions of 250, 500, and 1000 m. Its ability to detect emitted radiation in the short (4 Am)and long (12 Am)-wave infrared regions of the electromagnetic(More)
Declining numbers of students majoring in computer science coupled with the rapidly growing aging population are both causes for concern in society. Computer science majors have diminished since 1986, but recent thrusts of happenings focus on encouraging students towards a STEM degree. One in every three senior citizens dies with some form of dementia with(More)
This paper presents the main findings from a collaborative community/university research project in Canada. The goal of the project was to improve access to community health information, and in so doing, enhance our knowledge of the development of community health information resources and community/university collaboration. The project built on a rich(More)
In a recent study, several nurse researchers assisted in a case record review on 1,215 rape crisis center records to determine demographic predicators of sexual abuse. Despite the relatively impersonal nature of the method used in collection of data, researchers experienced highly subjective responses to the often sketchy case records both during and after(More)
Though use of the controversial precautionary principle in risk management has increasingly been recommended as a guide for the construction of public policy in Canada and elsewhere, there are few data available characterizing its use in risk management by senior public policymakers. Using established survey methodology we sought to investigate the(More)
Satellite remote sensing offers a convenient way to monitor changes in the thermal budgets of Earth’s subaerially active volcanoes. By using data acquired by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectro-radiometer, we have calculated the amount of heat released into the atmosphere by 45 volcanoes active during 2001(More)
The United States is the largest producer of maize in the world. Maize-soybean is the most prominent crop rotation in the Midwestern United States. Glyphosate-resistant volunteer maize is a problem weed not only in soybean, but also in continuous maize or sugarbeet rotations. Storm damage, harvesting problems, poor stalk quality, and insect damage, among(More)
The Impact of Population Ageing on House Prices: A Micro-simulation Approach This paper attempts to estimate the impact of population ageing on house prices. There is considerable debate about whether population ageing puts downwards or upwards pressure on house prices. The empirical approach differs from earlier studies of this relationship, which are(More)
PROBLEM/CONDITION Aquatic facility-associated illness and injury in the United States include disease outbreaks of infectious or chemical etiology, drowning, and pool chemical-associated health events (e.g., respiratory distress or burns). These conditions affect persons of all ages, particularly young children, and can lead to disability or even death. A(More)
Monitoring the emissions flux of contaminant gases from large area sources requires measurement of concentrations from an optical remote sensing device and reconstruction of the plume. Path integrated concentrations are determined using multiple optical beam paths. The spatial distribution of concentrations is generated for a plane perpendicular to the(More)