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Nowadays, numerous Computer-aided Design (CAD) software packages support Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM software can benefit of advanced simulation in the pre-design phase of construction projects. In this case, we show focus on models of the emergency evacuation regarding the security and safety. We analyze the evacuation simulation of a model(More)
Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its open standard Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) are becoming popular in the design phase in the Architecture and Construction industry. Here, we focus on integrating BIM and DEVS (Discrete Event systems Specification) simulation of occupancy analysis. We present a case study for Copenhagen's New Elephant House,(More)
Software tools assist designers in their professional work, one key aspect of which is devising, evaluating, and choosing among multiple design alternatives. Yet, with few and limited exceptions, current tools handle just a single design model at a time, forcing users to adopt various ad-hoc strategies for dealing with multiple design alternatives. In this(More)