Robert Woodbury

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Nowadays, numerous Computer-aided Design (CAD) software packages support Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM software can benefit of advanced simulation in the pre-design phase of construction projects. In this case, we show focus on models of the emergency evacuation regarding the security and safety. We analyze the evacuation simulation of a model(More)
Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its open standard Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) are becoming popular in the design phase in the Architecture and Construction industry. Here, we focus on integrating BIM and DEVS (Discrete Event systems Specification) simulation of occupancy analysis. We present a case study for Copenhagen's New Elephant House,(More)
In this study, we experimentally evaluated two GUI prototypes (named "split" and "integrated") for parametric CAD modeling. Participants in the study were asked to perform a number of 3D model comprehension tasks, using both interfaces. The tasks themselves were classified into three classes: parameterization, topological and geometrical tasks. We measured(More)