Robert Wohlfarth

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The reliability of frontal and temporal fMRI activations for the determination of hemisphere language dominance was evaluated in comparison with intracarotid amytal testing (IAT). Twenty-two patients were studied by IAT (bilateral in 13, unilateral in 9 patients) and fMRI using a paradigm requiring semantic decisions. Global and regional (frontal and(More)
The present study applied a visual half field paradigm with emotional facial expressions in patients with selective unilateral amygdalo-hippocampectomy (AHE) to elucidate the contributions of the left and right medial temporal lobe and amygdala to emotional learning. Electrodermal indicators of aversive learning were studied in 14 left AHE and 12 right AHE(More)
A class of soft actuated materials that can achieve lifelike motion is presented. By embedding pneumatic actuators in a soft material inspired by a biological muscle fibril architecture, and developing a simple finite element simulation of the same, tunable biomimetic motion can be achieved with fully soft structures, exemplified here by an active left(More)
Functional activation associated with a motor task (fist movements) was studied in three patients with band heterotopias by fMRI. In two patients, additional visual fMRI studies were performed using a flickering checkerboard stimulus. In all patients activation of the outer cortex and of the inner neuronal band could be found during performance of the motor(More)
Naturally occurring compounds have protective effects towards mutagens and carcinogens. The leaf extract of Monimiastrum globosum (Bois de Clous), a Mauritian endemic plant from the Myrtaceae family, was studied for its potency to induce DNA damage in human HepG2 hepatoma cells using DNA migration as a biological endpoint in the alkaline single cell gel(More)
This paper describes an Application/Programmer Interface we deai~ implemertx and tested on a local area network of SUN SPARC stations running the SunOS 4.1.2 operating system. The API is designed to support a structured approach to network programming. Special attention has been paid to the needa of multimedia applications and to the future requirements of(More)
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