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Formylated phloroglucinol compounds (FPCs) in Eucalyptus leaves are important determinants of feeding in marsupial folivores and have a wide range of other biological actions. We conducted a survey of the occurrence of formylated phloroglucinol compounds (euglobals, macrocarpals and sideroxylonals) in acetone}petrol extracts of 41 species of Eucalyptus from(More)
Outdoor and indoor (subway) samples were collected by passive sampling in urban Seoul (Korea) and analyzed with computer-controlled scanning electron microscopy coupled with energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (CCSEM-EDX). Soil/road dust particles accounted for 42%-60% (by weight) of fine particulate matter larger than 1 µm (PM(2.5-1.0)) in outdoor samples(More)
The spin-split Fermi-level crossings of the conduction band in Ni are mapped out by high-resolution pho-toemission and compared to the equivalent crossing in Cu. The area of the quasiparticle peak decreases rapidly below E F in Ni, but not in Cu. Majority spins have larger spectral weight at E F than minority spins, thereby enhancing the spin polarization(More)
Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and point-probe electrical conductivity measurements of electrochemically protonated films of the emeraldine-base form of the conducting polymer, polyaniline are reported. The conductivity varies spatially, dependent on the size (L(M) \m=~\ 200 to 300 angstroms) of granular metallic regions which relate directly to the(More)
iv ABSTRACT NCMA Groundwater Model A numerical model for the NCMA aquifer complex is presented. The objective of the study is to develop a numerical groundwater model for the NCMA aquifer system to enhance the understanding of subsurface groundwater flow. Infiltration, streamflow, pumping, and return flows are implemented to characterize the aquifer complex(More)
Angle-resolved photoemission is used to determine the change in the electronic states of Ni induced by doping with Fe and Cr. Well-defined spin and k states are selected using high energy and k resolution combined with single crystal alloys. Iron suppresses the mean free path of minority spins only, while chromium suppresses both spins and decreases the(More)
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