Robert Williamson

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An adequate supply of saliva is critical to the preservation and maintenance of oral tissue. Clinicians often do not value the many benefits of saliva until quantities are decreased. Much is written on the subject of salivary hypofunction, but little attention is paid to normal salivary flow and function. This article is a brief, up-to-date overview of the(More)
PURPOSE This study's purpose was to use a standardized behavioral assessment instrument to compare the observed behavior of caries-free (CF) with caries-active (CA) children requiring restoration under general anesthesia (GA). METHODS Healthy 30- to 60-month-olds, either CF or in need of dental restoration under GA, were selected in 4 equal-size cohorts(More)
Human rights of people living with HIV (PLHIV) and key populations most affected by HIV are often violated, with negative implications for health outcomes. To facilitate access to justice in Ghana, a consortium of partners developed a web-based discrimination reporting system. The reporting system links the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative(More)
Fractured screws generally are challenging to remove. The technique described in this article involves the use of inexpensive instruments commonly found in dental offices. The force required to remove the broken screw is minimal provided that the screw threads have not been damaged previously. A high degree of manual dexterity is required, however, to(More)
The objective of this study was to determine how surface treatments and moisture affect the flexure strength of a high-leucite feldspathic porcelain. Uniaxial flexure strength was measured for porcelain beams whose surfaces were coarse ground, overglazed, or polished. Half of the specimens were stored in distilled water and tested while their surfaces were(More)
PURPOSE The objective of this study was to determine whether fatigue cycling affects the shear bond strength of a resin that is initially strongly bonded to porcelain. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-five disks of a feldspathic/leucite porcelain were fired on a phosphate-bonded investment material. Each disk was etched with hydrofluoric acid and treated with(More)
An unconventional orthodontic correction can be accomplished by using preexisting provisional restorations, which can be modified for use in active tooth movement or splinted together for orthodontic anchorage. This technique has an advantage over conventional fixed appliance orthodontic therapy because it can accomplish tooth movement concurrently with(More)