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the laboratory. Most famously in the 1960s, Bell Laboratories began an informal artist-in-residence program. In 1963 Ken Knowlton developed the Beflix (Bell Flicks) animation system, which was used to produce dozens of computer-animated films with artists such as Stan VanDerBeek and Lillian Schwartz. At the same time, Billy Klüver worked with artists Robert(More)
The authors have developed an interactive environment for the creation and maintenance of dynamic, active mul-timedia-based teaching mechanisms. The Environment is designed to be user-friendly and to facilitate the creation of educational material. This tool has already been used to create courses in Multi Dimensional Signal Processing (MDSP) by researchers(More)
Engineering Integration is a two-quarter course sequence with EE, ME, and CpE students experiencing the engineering design process through a mechatronics design project. A previous " work-in-progress " , this course is currently being delivered for the second year. Interdisciplinary student teams of 4 members e ach receive a " request for proposals "(More)
 The Engineering Department at the University of Denver has received a Sturm Program Development Award for reform of its curricula. Specifically we shall (1) change the learning environment from predominately teacher centered to student centered, (2) implement a quality based grading method that allows students to know what is expected of them and to(More)
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