Robert Wellington

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Software engineering often no longer involves building systems from scratch, but rather integrating functionality from existing software and components or implementing packaged software. Conventional software engineering comprises a set of influential approaches that are often considered good practice, including structured programming, and collecting a(More)
This poster outlines Ethnographic research into the design of an environment to study a land speed record vehicle, or more generally, a vehicle posing a high cog-nitive load for the user. The challenges of empirical research activity in the design of unique artifacts is discussed, where we may not have the artefact available in the real context to study,(More)
In this poster, we outline a research study of the steering system for a potential land speed record vehicle. We built a cockpit enclosure to simulate the interior space and employed a game engine to create a suitable virtual simulation and appropriate physical behaviour of the vehicle to give a realistic experience that has a suitable level of difficulty(More)
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