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Foraging patterns and their multiplier effects on productivity of northern ungulates
Analysis of some aspects of selective feeding behavior and its possible influence on animal production finds that an increase by 14% in bodyweight of young female reindeer during summer results in a 35% increase in the probability of conception in autumn, which may influence populations through control over conception rate and survival during winter. Expand
Energy expenditures for locomotion by barren-ground caribou
Energy expenditure during locomotion on a level treadmill, up and down slopes, and in snow was measured for barren-ground caribou and compared with that of other species. Expand
Calving success of female caribou in relation to body weight
In late September and October 1987–1990 and early July 1988–1991, 66 radio-collared female caribou of the Central Arctic Herd were captured and weighed 117 times; parturition status, calving date, and perinatal calf survival were determined. Expand
Body composition and nutrient reserves of arctic caribou
Seasonal changes in body mass and composition of arctic caribou (Rangifer tarandus granti) in relation to age and reproductive status and Mobilization of large amounts of fat and protein suggests winter undernutrition. Expand
Habitat Use and Movements of Pallid and Shovelnose Sturgeon in the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers in Montana and North Dakota
Abstract We observed the habitat use and movements of 24 pallid Scaphirhynchus albus and 27 shovelnose S. platorynchus sturgeon in the Yellowstone and Missouri rivers in Montana and North Dakota.Expand
Pregnancy of adult caribou (Rangifer tarandus): evidence for lactational infertility
Examination of relations between pregnancy, body condition, and lactation of adult female caribou of the Porcupine Herd suggests that the extended lactation group is exhibiting lactational infertility, and unexplained differences in the relation between pregnancy rate and body condition exist among years. Expand
10 – Missouri River Basin
Publisher Summary The Missouri River basin is the second largest in the US, surpassed in area only by the Mississippi River basin of which it is a part. A wide range of climatic conditions, geologicExpand
Age at Sexual Maturity, Sex Ratio, Fecundity, and Longevity of Isolated Headwater Populations of Westslope Cutthroat Trout
19 isolated headwater populations of westslope cutthroat trout Oncorhynchus clarki lewisi in Montana were sampled to provide estimates of fecundity, longevity, sex ratio, and age at sexual maturity. Expand
Lichen Intake Estimates for Reindeer and Caribou during Winter
Estimates of lichen intakes based on feeding trials with penned and esophageal fistulated reindeer as well as lichen intake estimates derived from application of a fallout radiocesium method are reported. Expand