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Administration of haloforms (trihalomethanes) to rats led to substantial elevations in blood carbon monoxide levels. The administration of 13C-bromoform led to the formation of similarly enriched 13CO. A dose-dependent relationship between bromoform dose and CO production was observed. It was found that phenobarbital, but not 3-methylcholanthrene, treatment(More)
Simple patterns consisting of three spots (V and Gamma) have been recognized by dividing, shifting, and recombining beams onto bistable ZnS interference filters. This experiment demonstrates AND-gate operation, cascading, and a moderate amount of parallelism, but a laser power of several watts was required and the response times were several milliseconds.(More)
Rancinamycins I, II, III, and IV are secondary metabolites produced by Streptomyces lincolnensis in a sulfur-depleted culture medium. Rancinamycins I, and II, the main components of the mixture, show broad spectrum antibiotic activity in vitro. Subcutaneously injected or orally administered antibiotic afforded no protection for experimentally infected mice(More)
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