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Previous work has shown that raclopride in water at neutral pH exists in a zwitterionic form, suggesting a stereoelectronic structure largely different from that of other benzamides. In the present(More)
Octadecanal (18:Ald), (E)-11-octadecenal (E11–18:Ald), (E)-14-octadecenal (E14–18:Ald) and (E,E)-11,14-octadecadienal (E11,E14–18:Ald) were isolated and identified as major components from the(More)
The lipophilic character of two large series of substituted benzenesulphonamides (BzSA) and 4-aminodiphenylsulphones (4-ADS) has been assessed by two chromatographic methods, i.e. reversed-phase HPLC(More)