Robert W. Reiter

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A software engineering research study has been undertaken to empirically analyze and compare various software development approaches; its fundamental features and initial findings are presented in this paper. An experiment was designed and conducted to confirm certain suppositions concerning the beneficial effects of a particular disciplined methodology for(More)
This paper discusses (1) some general concepts of design languages, (2) the development of the specific design language denoted as PDL/Ada, (3) the specific features of PDL/Ada, and (4) some problems encountered and techniques used in defining PDL/Ada. An appendix shows two examples. Because of space constraints, each of these items can only be touched on(More)
Object-oriented software metrics are the traditional quality assessment metrics that are aimed to ensure the goodness of the software. Almost all benefits of the OO programming have been addressed through software metrics except the factor that measures the types of cohesion incorporated in software modules. Software is measured as qualitative with the(More)
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