Robert W. Pettigrew

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Spinal cord durotomy is performed as a diagnostic aid in determining spinal cord structural integrity, and this may be useful as an indicator of prognosis in cases with loss of deep pain perception (DPP). It has been suggested that a durotomy may relieve intramedullary compression but there is some debate about the therapeutic value. The purpose of this(More)
Increasing numbers of faculty are making assignments involving rich digital media, and the use of audio, video, and digital images is becoming de rigueur in student projects. Although we see demand for the use of digital media coming from all across the university, support for media editing and production was too often supported only at the departmental(More)
At the University of Oregon, School of Architecture and Allied Arts we use a Keep-It-Simple-Sailor (KISS) approach to managing our large-format academic printing services to campus. By limiting options and providing simple straightforward documentation we are able to provide large-format printing to a large number of customers with a very short turnaround.(More)
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