Robert W McClane

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PURPOSE Dietary carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin may play a protective role against visual loss from age-related macular degeneration (AMD) through antioxidant and light screening mechanisms. We used a novel noninvasive objective method to quantify lutein and zeaxanthin in the human macula using resonance Raman spectroscopy and compared macular pigment(More)
PURPOSE To develop and test a novel noninvasive optical technique suitable for the objective measurement of macular carotenoid levels in human retina. METHODS A resonance Raman scattering apparatus was constructed to measure carotenoid levels in flat-mounted human retinas and eyecups and in experimental animal eyes. Light from an argon laser was used to(More)
We have used resonance Raman scattering as a novel noninvasive optical technology to measure carotenoid antioxidants in living human tissues of healthy volunteers. By use of blue-green laser excitation, clearly distinguishable carotenoid Raman spectra superimposed on a fluorescence background are obtained. The Raman spectra are obtained within less than a(More)
We have imaged the spatial distribution of macular carotenoid pigments (MPs) in the human retina, employing Raman spectroscopy. Using excised human eyecups as initial test samples and resonant excitation of the pigment molecules with narrow-bandwidth blue light from a mercury arc lamp, we record Raman images originating from the carbon-carbon double-bond(More)
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