Robert W. McChesney

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One of the most remarkable aspects of the controversy surrounding the Federal Communication Communication's (FCC) review of US media ownership rules in 2003 was the passionate participation of the public. While hundreds of thousands of critical responses flooded into the offices of the FCC and congressional staff, public meetings across the US were packed(More)
"It is supremely ironic that the Internet, the champion of increased consumer power and cut-throat competition, has become one of the greatest generators of monopoly in economic history." Since the Internet's beginnings as a government research project, there has existed an ongoing conflict between the open system on which it was founded and attempts to(More)
When one considers the notion of establishing a " real utopia " for media, the place to start is to understand media as a problem for society. By problem I do not mean one of poor or dubious media content that has negative effects upon our culture, politics, and society. By this framing, if the media were doing a commendable job, there would be no problem.(More)
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