Robert W. Makuch

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CONTEXT Conventional nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are associated with a spectrum of toxic effects, notably gastrointestinal (GI) effects, because of inhibition of cyclooxygenase (COX)-1. Whether COX-2-specific inhibitors are associated with fewer clinical GI toxic effects is unknown. OBJECTIVE To determine whether celecoxib, a(More)
CONTEXT Preterm infants have a high prevalence of long-term cognitive and behavioral disturbances. However, it is not known whether the stresses associated with premature birth disrupt regionally specific brain maturation or whether abnormalities in brain structure contribute to cognitive deficits. OBJECTIVE To determine whether regional brain volumes(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare regional brain volumes measured in term and preterm infants, and to correlate regional volumes with measures of neurodevelopmental outcome. METHODS High-contrast, high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging scans were acquired in 10 preterm and 14 term infants who were scanned near term. The cerebrum was segmented into cortical gray(More)
Very low birth weight preterm (PT) children are at high risk for brain injury. Employing diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), we tested the hypothesis that PT adolescents would demonstrate microstructural white matter disorganization relative to term controls at 16 years of age. Forty-four PT subjects (600-1250 g birth weight) without neonatal brain injury and(More)
Preterm birth is frequently associated with both neuropathologic and cognitive sequelae. This study examined cortical lobe, subcortical, and lateral ventricle development in association with perinatal variables and cognitive outcome. High-resolution volumetric magnetic resonance imaging scans were acquired and quantified using advanced image processing(More)
Trialists argue about the usefulness of stratified randomization. For investigators designing trials and readers who use them, the argument has created uncertainty regarding the importance of stratification. In this paper, we review stratified randomization to summarize its purpose, indications, accomplishments, and alternatives. In order to identify(More)
OBJECTIVE The goal was to use diffusion tensor imaging to test the hypothesis that prematurely born children demonstrate long-term, white matter, microstructural differences, relative to term control subjects. METHODS Twenty-nine preterm subjects (birth weight: 600-1250 g) without neonatal brain injury and 22 matched, term, control subjects were evaluated(More)
BACKGROUND Many smokers remain refractory to current therapies, which only partially address weight gain after smoking cessation. Thus, this study evaluated whether naltrexone hydrochloride augmentation of nicotine patch therapy improves smoking abstinence and reduces postcessation weight gain more than nicotine patch therapy alone and at what dose. (More)
An in vitro tumor colony-forming assay was utilized to measure the sensitivity of 800 individual patients' tumors to a variety of antineoplastic agents. Thirty-six separate histologic types of cancer were represented. Only 199 of the 800 patients' tumors (25 percent) both formed colonies in vitro and had enough cells in the biopsy or fluid specimen to(More)
44 small cell lung cancer cell lines established from 227 patients were studied for myc family DNA amplification (c-myc, N-myc, and L-myc). Two of 19 lines (11%) established from untreated patients' tumors had DNA amplification (one N-myc and one L-myc), compared with 11 of 25 (5 c-myc, 3 N-myc, and 3 L-myc) cell lines (44%) established from relapsed(More)