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The arrangement of vascular bundles in the stems of monocots has been described repeatedly as "scattered." But to the trained eye it is clearly ordered as verified by the use of the R index of Clark and Evans. The arrangement of bundles in leaves and sclerenchyma bundles in stems are also ordered. An equation was developed for the probability distribution(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS New approaches are needed to evaluate the various hypotheses of phyllotaxis, and an examination of anodic leaf asymmetry may be one such approach. METHODS Data were collected on the direction of midrib curvature and leaf coil in Syngonium podophyllum, the location of floral buds in Acalypha virginica, the position of secondary leaves(More)
Six species of the Cupressaceae, the variegated Leyland cypress (Cupressocyparis leylandii 'Silver Dust'), savin (Juniperus sabina variegata Laws), davurian juniper (Juniperus davurica 'expansa variegata'), California incense cedar (Calocedrus decurrens 'Aureovariegata'), the American arbor vitae (Thuja occidentalis 'lutae zebrina' Kent), and the sawara(More)
The distributions of cell size and cell cycle duration were studied in two-dimensional expanding plant tissues. Plastic imprints of the leaf epidermis of three dicot plants, jade (Crassula argentae), impatiens (Impatiens wallerana), and the common begonia (Begonia semperflorens) were made and cell outlines analysed. The average, standard deviation and(More)
Juvenile leaves of the variegated Hollywood juniper, Juniperus chinensis 'Torulosa Variegata', have sectorial chimeras of variable widths and lengths. Sectors extend over several nodes often as small as 1/24 the circumference of the leaf. Other chimeras appear as light green to yellow streaks but are actually internal, dark green corpus sectors often(More)
Chloroplast inheritance was studied in Cosmarium turpinii Bréb. with respect to both vegetative and zygotic transmission. Analyses were carried out on (1) reciprocal haploid x diploid crosses with respect to the number and size of the zygotic chloroplasts, (2) differential survival of chloroplasts in hypnospores of different mating type strains, and (3) the(More)
OBJECTIVES Extensive mathematical studies have been made on cell clone development but little has been advanced in the mathematics of small clone formation and virtually no actual data of small clone size has been collected. MATERIALS AND METHODS Small clone sizes in leaf marginal cells of the aquatic plant Elodea and aleurone spot sizes in the grain of(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Eversporting eudicots were sought to see if they behave like gymnosperms. Behaviour of eversporting gymnosperm chimeras indicates a single apical cell is present in SAM and it would be of interest to see if eudicot chimeras have the same behaviour. METHODS Four eversporting spireas, the pineapple mint and the Silver King euonymus were(More)