Robert W Hicklin

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Many compound screening collections are populated by members that possess a low degree of structural complexity. In an effort to generate compounds that are both complex and diverse, we have developed a strategy that uses natural products as a starting point for complex molecule synthesis. Herein we apply this complexity-to-diversity approach to abietic(More)
High-throughput screening is the dominant method used to identify lead compounds in drug discovery. As such, the makeup of screening libraries largely dictates the biological targets that can be modulated and the therapeutics that can be developed. Unfortunately, most compound-screening collections consist principally of planar molecules with little(More)
Fenestranes are an intriguing class of highly strained molecules possessing a quaternary carbon with bonds that deviate from the canonical tetrahedral geometry. Herein we report the discovery that the natural product pleuromutilin can be used as a structurally complex starting material for the synthesis of a series of bridged cis,cis,cis,cis-[]- and(More)
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