Robert W. Gunderson

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A basic result from higher order differential inequalities is used to obtain a comparison lemma, useful when higher order trajectory derivatives of Liapunov functions are known. 1. Introduction. Several recent results have focused interest on the question of obtaining stability criteria in terms of higher ordered derivatives of Liapunov functions. Yorke [l](More)
A systematic approach to ground vehicle automation is presented, combining low-level controls, trajectory generation, and closed-loop path correction in an integrated control architecture. Development of robotic vehicles for precision agriculture at USU required the automation of a large motorized vehicle. A planar trajectory connecting command waypoints(More)
1991 ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I am indebted to Dr. Gardiner S. Stiles, my major professor, for all his assistance, guidance, patience, and encouragement throughout the research. His evaluations and suggestions were very helpful. Thanks are due to Dr. Richard Harris for his critical review of the report, his recommendations and his financial support for the(More)
ii 1989 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Gardiner S. Stiles, my major advisor, for his patient guidance and financial support. The trust he has placed in me throughout this research allowed this project to proceed comfortably and soundly. my graduate committee members, for their timely recommendations and constructive(More)
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