Robert W. Fries

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A new approach to texture discrimination is described. This approach is based upon an assumed stochastic model for texture in imagery and is an approximation to the statistically optimum maximum likelihood classifier. The construction and properties of the stochastic texture model are described and a digital filtering implementation of the resulting maximum(More)
— This paper describes a multi-layer technique using modeling and simulation to assess the impact of ionospheric scintillation on satellite navigation systems. It is well known that GPS receivers in low-and high-latitude regions may suffer from rapid amplitude and phase fluctuations and signal scatter due to scintillation, causing loss of lock and cycle(More)
1. A data manipulation language based on a relational data model for the preparation of statistical analysis 2. Eine, einem relationalen Datenmodell zugrundeliegende Datenmanipulationssprache für den Kliniker 3. The concept of a virtual retrieval machine as a systemtheoretical approach for queries on relational databases 6. Some more dependencies on the(More)
Using Q-and C-band sequential staining, variability in the size of C-bands was found in several pig chromosome pairs. Distinct variability in the size of C-bands was inheritance studies in 11 families were carried out. It was found that C-band variants were stable within individuals and were inherited according to the Mendelian principle. The phenomenon of(More)
Significant achievements have recently been made in the area of molecular genetics which have greatly advanced our knowledge concerning the structure and function of the genome in eukaryotic cells. These developments not only influence our understanding of gene expression, important for phenomena of cell differentiation, the diversity of antibody production(More)
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