Robert W. Ferguson

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T he Standish Group published its original " Chaos Report " [1] in 1994 declaring that American companies spent $81 billion on cancelled projects. Additional Standish Group data in Figure 1 shows that the situation has not improved as much as one would hope. Even projects that are not cancelled may deliver such reduced functionality that most people would(More)
R ecent military operations around the world demonstrate the superiority of U.S. weapon systems developed by the Department of Defense (DoD). Furthermore, an ever-increasing percentage of the weapon systems' functionality is provided by software, which constantly becomes more sophisticated and complex. While the DoD has risen to the challenge, cost overruns(More)
The cellular defence protein Nrf2 is a mediator of oncogenesis in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) and other cancers. However, the control of Nrf2 expression and activity in cancer is not fully understood. We previously reported the absence of Keap1, a pivotal regulator of Nrf2, in ∼70% of PDAC cases. Here we describe a novel mechanism whereby the(More)
Most software systems have some " defects " that are identified by users. Some of these are truly defects in that the requirements were not properly implemented; some are caused by changes made to other systems; still others are requests for enhancement – improvements that would improve the users' experience. These " defects " are generally stored in a(More)
The amici States strongly support the right of transgender persons to live with dignity, free from discrimination. To that end, each of the amici States has adopted policies to protect transgender individuals against discrimination on the basis of their gender identities. The amici States also have a strong interest in ensuring that our residents who are(More)