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We present a framework and control policies for optimizing dynamic control of various self-tuning parameters over lifetime in the presence of circuit aging. Our framework introduces dynamic cooling as one of the self-tuning parameters, in addition to supply voltage and clock frequency. Our optimized self-tuning satisfies performance constraints at all times(More)
—Computer-aided design (CAD) techniques are absolutely essential to harness the ever-increasing complexity of the microsystem design. Similarly, the technology CAD (TCAD) tools played a key role in the development of new technology generations. Although there is a common belief that the TCAD tools have been trailing the technology development, the situation(More)
—This paper presents an integrated framework, together with control policies, for optimizing dynamic control of self-tuning parameters of a digital system over its lifetime in the presence of circuit aging. A variety of self-tuning parameters such as supply voltage, operating clock frequency, and dynamic cooling are considered, and jointly optimized using(More)
This paper presents a novel mathematical formulation to the placement of arbitrarily sized rectangles that simultaneously account for the topological and geometrical characteristics of the placement problem. Special attention is paid to maintain the continuity of the formulation. Two examples are given to demonstrate the performance of the algorithm.(More)
—Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection devices can have an adverse effect on the performance of high-speed mixed-signal and RF circuits. This paper presents quantitative method-ologies to analyze the performance degradation of these circuits due to ESD protection. A detailed s-parameter-based analysis of these high-frequency systems illustrates the(More)
We present a new method for sensitivity analysis of photonic crystal devices. The algorithm is based on a finite-difference frequency-domain model and uses the adjoint variable method and perturbation theory techniques. We show that our method is highly efficient and accurate and can be applied to calculation of the sensitivity of transmission parameters of(More)